IRELAC is the Interuniversity Institute for the Relations between Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean (“Institut Interuniversitaire pour les Relations entre l’Europe, l’Amérique Latine et les Caraïbes”). It is a non-profit research organization accredited under Belgian law (ASBL/VZW), based in Brussels, inside the Brussels Management School (ICHEC group, C301 Manoir d’Anjou, rue au bois 365, 1150 Brussels), open to the universities and research organizations from Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Its specialized field is inter-university cooperation on topics related to the bi-regional relations EU-CELAC.

Its members form a complementary interdisciplinary team of experts in analyzing the relations and cooperation between the European Union and the Latin American and Caribbean region. It provides an experimented expertise and analytic capacity on socio-economic and policy-oriented issues, especially on the processes of regional integration, local development and innovation, social inclusion and macroeconomic situation of each country, focusing on the interplay of economic, political, social and environmental issues.

IRELAC organizes researches and seminars related to these issues and directed to post-graduate students, researchers, civil employees of the EU institutions and Belgian Ministries, as well as to diplomats.

It implements also interdisciplinary research and annually international colloquia on specific topics that bring together European and Latin American specialists: bi-regional cooperation, integration, competitiveness in global world, cooperation in science, technology and innovation, social and cultural issues such as education, social inclusion, innovation civil society participation and economic policy.

IRELAC is a member of the European networks CEISAL (the European Council of Social Research on Latin America), REDIAL (European Network of Information and Documentation on Latin America) and of the Academic Council of the Permanent Academic Forum (Foro Académico Permanente – FAP) in charge of the EU-CELAC Academic Summit. Involved in the preparation of the first Academic Summit held in Santiago, Chile, in January 2013, IRELAC was particularly in charge of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) which prepared and organized with the FAP the 2d Academic Summit in Brussels on 8-9 June 2015.

IRELAC is also a member of several consortiums of projects funded under FP7 or the ALFA program of the European Commission (like CID “Conocimiento, Inclusión, Desarrollo” funded under the ALFA III (second call) program – recently completed, and NETCERMAT (PEOPLE-IRSES)).