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The Jean Monnet Network “Crisis – Equity – Democracy” is a programme funded by the European Union that stretches from 2016 to 2019. IRELAC has been a coodinator and actor of the Jean Monet Network since the beginning of the programme (2016). The programme has been at the heart of IRELAC preoccupations this years. IRELAC is currently organizing the 5th Seminar which will take place in Chile in January 2018.

Jean Monnet Network Crisis – Equity – Democracy for Europe and Latin America


The Eurozone crisis is dramatically shaping the construction of an EU polity as an integrated, legitimate and effective political space. The implications are twofold. The crisis has accelerated policy and institutional integration in ways thought unthinkable only a few years ago. At the same time, the economic crisis and ensuing societal and political malaise have generated centrifugal forces across the Union, threatening the very essence of the European project.”(Tocci N., 2014).
Economic stagnation, risks of deflation, persistent high unemployment, protest, rise of new social movements, increased xenophobia, populism, Euroscepticism and polarization of (new) political parties, are the expression of the perceived “democratic deficit” and the need for urgent action.

Latin America and Europe can both learn from their respective experiences on crisis response and the distributive and democratic implications at national and regional level. Democratic and distributive aspects of crisis response (monetary, financial & economic policies and institutional reforms) are key but have not been adequately addressed in the literature. Furthermore, opening a bi-regional dialogue in the field of socio-macroeconomic policies and crisis management would provide an additional strategic content to the Strategic Alliance the Summits EU-CELAC are supposed to build.


1. research & teaching on EU crisis management, equity and democracy;
2. compare experiences in LA and EU;
3. comparatively analyze the impact of crisis, EU crisis response on integration and regionalism;
4. create an EU-Brazil network for cultural exchange, knowledge transfer and building; 5
5. connect it into IRI’s Latin America networks and co-organise events to further stimulate EU research in LA;
6. collaborate with EU institutions and regional development banks, Brazilian and Latin American regional institutions, social movements and media, to engage their active participation in 6 events and establish an international consortium of global players on crisis response;
7. elaborate policy recommendations on financial, economic and political governance responding to contemporary challenges;
8. increase the public awareness on regional and bi-regional issues contributing to create peer pressures for regional and bi-regional cooperation.

The JMN will hold 6 outreach events/workshops/conference/debates and authors’ meetings (3 in Brasil, 3 in EU countries: Italy, Greece and Belgium) and present the results to EU institutions, national authorities, Latin American regional institutions and RIBEI and CELAC.

Joint publications (books/articles), 6 events, permanent quality upgrade and europeanization/internationalization of the research/teaching in the partners’ institutions, creation of a new transatlantic network and consortium of players on crisis management/equity and democracy .

The projects objective is to establish the IRI-USP as an EU/Latin American hub and possibly future Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for comparative regionalism.

Young researchers/students will benefit from the europeanization (in Brazil) and internationalisation (EU countries), the events and guest lectures of the network and by assisting the event organization, the research, dissemination of research on the web using social media.

Media will be invited to the events and be informed of activities, results and research, peer pressure for bi-regional dialogue on socio-macroeconomic policies , crisis management and good governance.

Bi-annual authors meetings, monthly evaluation of time sheets and progress on research, co-ordination in the preparation of the meetings, presentations of results.

JMN Project Description


The Jean Monnet Network Kick-off event led to a publication. For more information about it, follow the link. http://irelac.be/en/publications/publications-2017/reform-of-the-international-monetary-system-and-new-global-economic-governance-how-the-eu-may-contribute/