Social and Solidarity Economy – European and Latin American perspectives

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On Tuesday 26th of April, the Egmont Institute in cooperation with IRELAC and the European think & do tank Pour la Solidarité organized the seminar “Social and Solidarity Economy as a strategy for an inclusive and a sustainable development – European and Latin America perspectives”.
This seminar was an opportunity for Belgium authorities to define a strategy of cooperation in view of establishing a strong partnership with a changing region of which economic, social and political development models offer interesting experiences. The Social and Solidarity Economy could be one of these strategies. In view of a sustainable and inclusive development, its potential resides in the responses given to the social, economic and environmental challenges to meet in this twenty-first century. The purpose of the event was to stimulate a broad exchange of views between representatives of governments, experts and other stakeholders on Social and Solidarity Economy topics.

To see the program of the event, please click here.

To see the report of the event, please click here.